Intro to the Academic Libraries Video Trust

The National Media Market (“NMM”) has launched the Academic Libraries Video Trust (“ALVT”), a service facilitating the preservation of audiovisual (“AV”) works in the collections of member libraries. The principal activity of ALVT is to provide a clearinghouse or repository of digital versions of selected AV works, generally works currently available only in the obsolete VHS format. The service is built on opportunities allowed to libraries and archives for the preservation and replacement of works in their collections, pursuant to Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act. NMM offers this service in order to encourage the preservation and appreciation of the educational films, motion pictures, documentaries, and other works that are increasingly out of reach because of the obsolete technology. (Read more in the ABOUT section.)

ALVT is hosted and sponsored by Docuseek. Learn more about Docuseek here

ALVT Informational webinar slides available for download. See our News and Updates section.