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A whole new season of content that you won’t want to miss, accessible to all Members, including the recordings. More information on each session will be added as it becomes available.
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Proactive video reserves: Ways to work with instructors

Producer: Charles Cobine

Librarians are familiar with the annual scrambles each summer and winter to make available films on reserve for course use, usually in the form of streaming licenses. The requests come in waves before the beginning of the semester and can inundate media librarians and library support staff. What procedures and workflow do librarians have in place to address these regular patterns, and how can we work with instructors to address their needs proactively, so that we can supply films in a timely fashion?

October 22 - 2p.m. ET

Screaming for streaming: How to save your budget when all everyone wants is streaming

Sponsored by The Representation Project

Producer: Gisele Tanasse

The demand for streaming video among instructors and patrons has skyrocketed in the last few years, with patrons largely unaware of the costs of licensing streaming content. Both faculty and students are less likely to agree to make use of collections of physical media like DVDs, and some classrooms on college and university campuses today no longer include DVD players. How do we prioritize and restrict streaming purchases, while continuing to respond to purchase requests and providing support to instructors who need access to films used in teaching? How do we educate students and instructors about the difference in costs between digital streaming licenses and one-time purchases of media for our physical collections?

VIRTUAL MARKET - October 27-29 (open to corporate and institutional members)

November 19 - 2p.m. ET

I Can't Find This Title Anywhere!

Sponsored by Collective Eye Films

Producer: Lorraine Wochna

This webinar will offer some tips and tricks on best practices in locating films, both DVDs and streaming access. Media librarians have been playing this game for a very long time, and we will offer some insight on steps to take in order to help you find that film. Sometimes it's as easy as "it's on Kanopy", and sometimes you might need to contact the director or distributor personally. There are multiple ways to come at this; and we will attempt to tackle all of them and leave you with some tools that can help make your life easier.

January 21 - 2p.m. ET

Digital Summit - "Secret streaming": what's the exception to the rule?

Producer: Susannah Benedetti

Film clips, face-to-face teaching, online courses and password-protected embedded videos, screen sharing. We will explore use cases that constitute "secret streaming" for educational use, moving films on to a local server or into the cloud for the online course environment. What practices are acceptable under fair use, and which ones are not? Join us for a review of relevant lawsuits and context, and a discussion of scenarios that impact your use of streaming film resources.

February 18 - 2p.m. ET

Film pedagogy redux: Teaching with film, all the best practices

Producer: Gisele Tanasse

Instructors have been teaching with film and using films in the classroom since the days of rattling film projectors. Now that digital video is ubiquitous and easier than ever to set up when instructors prepare to teach, there are many creative ways to make use of film, both in the classroom and out. What are some classic ways to engage students with relevant video to meet pedagogical ends, as well as some new, creative ways that we are now seeing more frequently in the online learning environment? Join us to discuss teaching with film, and what works and what doesn't.

March 18 - 2p.m. ET

Online watch parties, Twitch, and legal concerns

Producer: Lorraine Wochna

The online watch-party has entered the lexicon since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. With several choices and approaches available to groups of viewers, we will explore each service and particularly about the platform Twitch, commonly used by video gamers for sharing live-streams of their play. What are the legal concerns with group video-viewing, and what should we as librarians know about the possibilities of broadcasting video using these platforms?

April 22 - 2p.m. ET

Rediscovering classic films

Producer: Susannah Benedetti

Let's talk about classic films. What films remain evergreen streaming choices for your library, and why? From Charlie Chaplin to The Wizard of Oz to Albert Hitchcock to The Graduate, do you notice a difference in your patrons' interests? How do you collect new releases from early cinema, mid-century, and beyond, and what do you find is now considered "classic" that may not have been just 5-10 years ago? What are new additions to your own personal favorite list of canonical films, and what work do you think is a must-have for library film collections, whether academic or public?

May 20 - 2p.m. ET

A critical look at Disney, historical to present-day

Producer: Charles Cobine

Disney is always on the radar of media librarians, with its gargantuan archive of family-friendly programming, animation, and the acquisitions of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and other media properties. How did it get this way, and what is Disney’s track record in the past for providing access to work to which it holds the rights? Disney has changed as its empire has evolved and grown into a media behemoth. We will explore Disney’s history and stories of copyright battles in this webinar.

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