Titles from William Paterson University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
"Friends" raping friends Janet Gaino Human Relations Media VC 3025
"We shall overcome": a history of the civil rights movement Knowledge Unlimited Knowledge Unlimited VC 2093
100 years of Olympic glory Cappy Productions Turner Home Entertainment VC 3787 v.1-2
Abortion: personal portraits WNET/Thirteen Films for the Humanities VC 1639
Abraham Lincoln: a new birth of freedom American Experience Quest Productions, Inc. PBS Video VC 4600 v. 3
Achieving competitive advantage: managing for organizational effectiveness Wharton management development series Wharton School Films for the Humanities & Sciences VC 4893
Acid/base balance Golden West College Concept Media VC 2002 v.1-3
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Black history series Xenon Home Video Xenon Home Video VC 2508
Africa WETA Home Vision
Africa come back: the popular music of West Africa Repercussions: a celebration of African-American music Third Eye; Channel Four (Great Britain); RM Arts Home Vision VC 977
African American cinema II, the : the scar of shame (1926) and Sissle and Blake (1923 Sherman H. Dudley, Jr., Lee De Forest Library of Congress VC 3144
African art and culture Lucie B. McCandless Clearvue, Inc. VC 3437
Afrique, je te plumerai = Africa, I will fleece you Library of African cinema Raphia Films Production (Cameroon) California Newsreel VC 3828
After the warming Maryland Public Television Ambrose
Against her will: rape on campus Learning Corporation of America Lifetime Television VC 1803
Agatha Christie, how did she do it? Profile of a writer Orsino Productions Home Vision VC 4081
Aging, the Methuselah syndrome WGBH Time-Life Video
Alberta Hunter Jazz at the Smithsonian Adler Enterprises, Ltd. Kultur VC 807
All color news: sampler Collaborative Projects, Inc. Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club VC 1581
All that Bach Rhombus Media Video Artists International VC 1924
All-star gospel session, the K.E. Enterprises, Inc. HBO Video VC 1521
All-star reggae session Delilah Films HBO Video VC 1520
America in the thirties: Depression and optimism World of the thirties ZDF-BBC co-production Films for the Humanities VC 2812
America's battlegrounds JoAnne Garrett PBS Video VC 4600 v.1
America's war on poverty Blackside, Inc.
American apartheid BBC Worldwide Films for the Humanities & Sciences VC 5347
American journey, an: the great society to the Reagan revolution BBC Films for the Humanities VC 4139 v. 1-5
Americas Annenberg/CPB Collection
Ancient Olympics: athletes, games and heroes, the Video lecture series Sheila Claire Cohen Institute for Mediterranean Studies VC 5374
Angel on death row Frontline Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc. PBS Video VC 3735
Anything for jazz Peter Hutton, Alex Griswold Rhapsody Films VC 1540
Art Blakey: the jazz messenger Grapevine Pictures Rhapsody Films VC 2130
Art Farmer Jazz at the Smithsonian Adler Enterprises, Ltd. Kultur VC 1102
Art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy Sheldon Rochlin and Louwrien Wijers Mystic Fire Video VC 3265 v.1-5
As it was in the beginning Testament, the Bible and history Antelope Production for Channel Four Television Films for the Humanities VC 1472 v.1
Assault on affirmative action Frontline Scott Craig and Kathy Giangreco. PBS Video VC 1974
Automobile story, the Made in America?; v. 2 WGBH Science Unit Films for the Humanities VC 2777
Avant-garde in Russia, the: 1910-1930 Films for the Humanities Films for the Humanities VC 2581
Back from madness: the struggle for sanity Home Box Office Films for the Humanities & Sciences VC 3699
Baroque dance, 1675-1725 University of California Extension Media Center University of California Extension Media Center VC 2465
Bay of pigs, the Oregon Public Broadcasting PBS Video VC 4600 v. 256
Benny Carter Jazz at the Smithsonian Clark Santee Sony Corp. of America VC 1586
Beowulf and Old English literature Films for the Humanities Films for the Humanities VC 306
Big dream, small screen American Experience Windfall Films, Ltd. production PBS Home Video VC 4600 v. 8
Big Joe Turner and Hampton Hawes Jazz on stage Jack Lewercke Rhapsody Films VC 1530
Bill Evans, jazz pianist, on the creative process Helen Keane. Rhapsody Films VC 794
Biography millennium A & E Television Networks New Video Group VC 5771 v.1-4
Bird now WinStar Home Entertainment Fox Lorber Associates VC 4647
Birdmen and birdsongs : a tribute to Charlie Parker Ben Sidran and Clive Woods Storyville Records VC 5843
Birth of modern theatre: Chekhov's Uncle Vanya Harold Mantell Films for the Humanities VC 1424