Titles from Hofstra University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Animism: living in the dreamtime Channel Four Schools Television Cambridge Educational BL2610 .A5 V-4741
Anthropology on trial Nova WGBH Time-Life Video GN345 .A58 V-876
Art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy Sheldon Rochlin and Louwrien Wijers Mystic Fire Video N72 .S6A78 V-2460 - V-2464
Arts and the Aesthetic Intelligence, the Skylight Training and Publishing, Inc N353 .E47 V-4251
Baby talk Vestron Video LB1139 .L3B28 V-2058
Balanchine celebration WNET/Thirteen, NYC Ballet, NVC Arts, NOS Television Educational Broadcasting Corporation GV1785 .B32B25 VIDEOCST
Beyond Borders: Arab feminists talk about their lives...East and West National Film Board of Canada HQ1784 .B496 V-5585
Big House, the A&E Home Video A&E Television Network HV9466 .B54 V-4157 (pts. 1&2)
Big House, the Greystone Communications, Inc A&E Television Network HV9466 .B54 V-4157 (pts. 1&2)
Black to the Promised Land Blues Production Jewish Media Fund DS107.4 .B552 VIDEOCST
Body as an Instrument Chimera Foundation for the Dance, Inc The Foundation GV1783 .B64 V-1015
Bombing, the First Run/Icarus Films V-5289
Bora de Lixo First Run/Icarus Films HD9975 .B63S264 V-5254
Bowenian Therapy Governors State University Allyn and Bacon RC488.5 .B677 V-5118
Boy & His Anger, a: a therapy session Max Sound Division BF723 .A4 V-5856
Brown V. the Board of Education Learning Corporation of America, Advanced American Communications Inc Coronet/MTI Film & Video KF4155 .B76 V-1736
Buddhism: the path to enlightenment Hartley Productions Hartley Film Foundation BQ4022 .B82 V-1511
Bushmen of the Kalahari Wolper Productions National Geographic Society DT764 .B8B87 V-2376
Business of Paradigms, the Charthouse International Learning Corporation Charthouse International Learning Corp. HD38.23 .B87 V-4085
Business, Behaviorism and the Bottom Line McGraw-Hill Films Productions CRM Films BF637 .B4B87 V-3020
Cadillac desert KTEH/San Jose and Trans Pacific Television PBS Video V-5668 (pt. 1), V-5669 (pt. 2), V-5670 (pt. 3), V-5671 (pt. 4)
Cadillac desert KTEH/San Jose and Trans Pacific Television PBS Video VHS 4441-4444
Campus Rape Rape Treatment Center, Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center HV6561 .C35 V-1717
Capitalism Capitalism, Socialism, Communism Rosenberg and Issembert National Geographic Society, Educational Services HB501 .C2425 V-1046
Charlie Rose Show 4/18/1995 Journal Graphics E840.8 .M46C42 VIDEOCST
Child's Play BBC-TV, Open University Media Guild BF717 .C44 V-1713
China's Cosmopolitan Age: the tang, 618-907 Annenberg/CPB Collection DS749.3 .C44 V-2236
China's Only Child Time Life Video HQ766.5 .C6C4525 1983 V-295
China: change & challenge: from poverty to prosperity Films for the Humanities & Sciences HC427.92 .C55 V-5660
China: dynasties of power Time-Life Video and Television Time-Life Video and Television DS721 .C52 V-3250
Clash of Cultures, a WETA-TV, BBC-TV Annenberg/CPB Project DT14 .A38 No.8 V-969
Class Divided, a Yale University Films for the Frontlines, WGBH Boston PBS Video LC212.22 .I8C52 V-1954 & V-5888
Classic Documentaries Festival Films PN1997 .A1C55 V-4926
Classical comedy: Aristophanes women in power History of drama Films for the Humanities PA3028 .C55 V-832
Classical Japan, 6th-12th Centuries Columbia University's Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum of Schools and Colleges Annenberg/CPB Collection PL726.1 .J3 V-3482 - V-3484 (Pts. 1-3)
Cognition, creativity, and behavior--the Columban simulations Research Press Company The Company BF311 .C548 V-4911
Collapse Great war and the shaping of the 20th century, the; v.6 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video Accession number: wpu.636500 / OCLC: 942945581
Collapse Great war and the shaping of the 20th century, the; v.6 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video D521 .G72 VIDEOCST vol.6 V-4877
Communism Capitalism, Socialism, Communism National Geographic Society, Educational Services HX36 .C34 V-1047
Coney Island WGBH Educational Foundation, WNET/Thirteen, Coney Island Film Project Inc Direct Cinema Limited F129 .C75C65 V-4814
Cooking the Books: what every accountant should know about fraud Association of Certified Fraud Examiners HF5681 .B2C6 V-3607
Craggaunowen: back to the bronze age Films for the Humanities GN778 .I6C72 V-2359
Creating the Learning Organization CASE Television, BBC Films for the Humanities & Sciences HD58.82 .C74 V-5581 - V-5583 (vol. 1-3)
Dali Adam Low Kultur International Films N7113 .D3D3 V-858
Dancer's World, A WQED Phoenix Films GV1783 .D36 V-861
Debt Crisis, the: An African Dilemma United Nations First Run/Icarus Films HC915 .D43 V-5510
Degenerate art Los Angeles County Museum of Art and David Grubin Productions, Inc. PBS Home Video
Denver II Training Video Denver Developmental Materials RJ131 .D434 V-3126
Diagnosis according to the DSM-IV Brooks/Cole Publishing Company Films for the Humanities & Sciences RC455.2 .C4D54 V-5181 - V-5183 (Prog.1-3)
Dialect Thames Television Pic Films for the Humanities & Sciences PE1711 .D55 VIDEOCST