Titles from American University

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Faith into action Outreach Extensions VHS 6877
Immigrant stories of Franklin High School University of California Extension Center For Media and Independent Learning VHS 7471
Cinema Europe: the other Hollywood BBC DLT Entertainment VHS 5129
Battle over school choice, the Frontline PBS Video VHS 6402
Tan-singing of Trinidad and Guyana; Indo-Carribean "Local classical music" Peter Manuel VHS 7065
Great Depression WGBH PBS Video
Painting that fools the eye: trompe l'oeil Educational Dimensions
Adult children of alcoholics: masks of denial Telford-Clark Productions Barr Films
Wild women don't have the blues Calliope Film Resources, Inc. California Newsreel VHS 741
Roman Polanski shorts Facets VHS 2140
1992-1996 political campaign commericals VHS 5389
Bomgay: a collection of six short films Wadia Movietone VHS 6819
Germany and other problems 1938 Nelson Entertainment
Alias, la gringa Facets Video VHS 3383
Black artists: short subjects Hollywood's Attic VHS 7000
Discovering composition in art Educational Media
This is your right Irene M. Ward and Associates VHS 4075
Brain eater BBC-TV WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 5158
Tracking the footprints of the post secondary learner: technology and its data systems ramifications National Post Secondary Education Cooperate VHS 5938
Hanna K. Films AZ MCA Home Video VHS 6092
Coverup: behind the Iran Contra affair MPI Home Video VHS 594
On strike! CBS Inc. Films for the Humanities VHS 1652
They came to America Santa Fe Ventures VHS 7857
Land of the demons ABC News MPI Home Video VHS 3594
He makes me feel like dancin' Edgar J. Scherick Associates Direct Cinema Ltd
Who profits from drugs? Documentary Consortium PBS Video
Genetic biology Bio MEDIA Associates Coronet Film & Video VHS 3929
Murder, money, and Mexico The Documentary Consortium PBS Video VHS 4502
Henry, one man's way Bullfrog Films VHS 5381
Kvinnors vantan = Secrets of women Embassy Home Entertainment VHS 5471
Quality or else Films Incorporated VHS 1550
George Wallace setting the woods on fire PBS Home Video Big House Productions VHS 6423
Mighty times: the legacy of Rosa Parks Hudson & Houston Teaching Tolerance VHS 7522
Money like water Benton Foundation VHS 4731-2
Keys of paradise BBC-TV Time-Life Multimedia VHS 5677
Magic library, the GPN
Klucznik = Housemaster Television Film Studio POTEL Contal International Inc. VHS 2134
America's first river: Bill Moyers on the Hudson - Pt. 2, the fight to save the river WNET Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 6947
Sholay Orson Video Apollo Video VHS 4535
Zoo la nuit, un = Night zoo Les Productions OZ Inc. New World Video
Seaside : new town-resort : Walton County, Florida Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute
Betrayal Horizon FIlm Twentieth Century-Fox Corporation VHS 202
Jacques Derrida Wall to Wall Television Production for Channel 14 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 4045
Fine art of separating people from their money Das Werk Fox Lorber Home Video VHS 4671
Masters of animation Educational Film Centre Home Vision VHS 3860
Nuclear reaction WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 4447
Mathematics of architecture: building by numbers The Open University Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 5307
Return of the Czar WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6379
White balloon, the = Badkonake sefid October Films Evergreen Entertainment VHS 4836
34 years after Hitler CBS News Carousel Films VHS 269