Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Brain, the WNET/New York Intellimation VHS 1981-1988
Brain, the: the nervous system, dreams, and new technology Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 5317
Branching out Private life of plants, the; v. 1 BBC Turner Home Entertainment VHS 5961
Brazil Emerging powers Wall Street Journal Video New Video Group VHS 3654
Bread, butter, and politics WGBH-Boston PBS Video VHS 4963
Break-up in the Balkans America's Defense Monitor #650 Center for Defense Information VHS 2995
Breakaway; Vivian; White rose, the; Marilyn times five Bruce Conner Films Facets Video VHS 3249
Breaking free: video magazine: issue 1 Animal Defense League Aquarian Production VHS 5890
Breaking ranks Second Russian revolution, the; pt. 5 Coronet Film & Video VHS 1665
Breaking the bank Independent Media Centers Deep Dish Television VHS 7319
Breaking the bank Frontline PBS VHS 4959
Breaking the code Mobil Masterpiece Theater Anchor Bay Entertainment Video Treasures VHS 7580
Brecht on stage Literature in the modern world BBC Roland Collection of Films and Art VHS 5936
Brian Winston reads T.V. news, March 16, 1983 Paper Tiger TV VHS 1715
Bridge of fire Marlboro Arts VHS 2828
Bridges Curriculum Materials Center Scholastic, Inc. Select Productions VHS 2258
Brig, the Living Theatre Mystic Fire Video
Bright days of tomorrow Struggles for Poland, the; pt.6 PBS Video VHS 522
Bright like a sun I'll make me a world WNET PBS Video
Bringing out the leader in you FYI Video AMA American Management Association
British animation invasion Expanded Entertainment
British documentary movement, the Signature series Kino International Corporation Kino Video VHS 2631-2637
Broken bond: Munchausen syndrome by proxy Medical detectives: explorations in forensic science Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Broken child Films for the Humanities & Sciences Home Box Office VHS 6699
Brothers in trouble BBC Films First Run Features VHS 4776
Brzezina = The birch wood Saenta International
Budapest: communism with tanks Gaumont & Vision 7 Films for the Humanities VHS 422
Budget crunch Presidency and the Constitution, the; 104 WNET, New York Columbia Univsersity VHS 337
Bugs and Daffy: The wartime cartoons MGM/UA Home Video VHS 3438
Bugs and Daffy: the wartime cartoons MGM/UA Home Video VHS 3438
Builders of images: Latin American cultural identity Americas WGBH Annenberg/CPB Collection
Building boards that work: a video workshop National Center for Nonprofit Boards VHS 6478
Building the relationship: guanxi Working with China; pt. 2 Intercultural Training Resources, Inc. VHS 3847
Burden of innocence Frontline Ofra Bikel Productions PBS VHS 246
Bure Baruta: Baril de poudre = Cabaret Balkan Paramount Pictures VHS 7929
Buried cities: Pompeii and Herculaneum International Film Bureau VHS 270
Buried in ash NOVA WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 3095
Burke and Paine on revolution Man and the state Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation VHS 4415
Burks of Georgia, the Six American families Group W, Westinghouse Broadcasting Company ; in association with United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church Carousel Films
Burning season, the: the Chico Mendes story Warner Home Video
Business meeting Business Communications TVOntario Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 4011
Business of hunger, the Robert Richter Maryknoll World Films VHS 166
Busted: America's war on marijuana Elena Mannes Productions, Inc. PBS Video VHS 5188
But where is Daniel Vax? = Lean neelam Daniel Vax? Ergo Media VHS 5288
Butterfly: a film Doug Wokens VHS 6409
Buy me that!: a kid's survival guide to T.V. and advertising HBO Films Incorporporated VHS 2492
By word of mouth: storytelling in America National Storytelling Research Center VHS 6912
Bye bye Africa Library of African Cinema California Newsreel VHS 7212
Bye-bye ADR Productions Fox Lorber Home Video VHS 6026
Cabra mareado para morrer = A man listed to die Cinema Guild VHS 4048