Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Worth the price? Bruderhof Foundation, Inc. Plough Publishing House VHS 5335
Wounds of war: Vietnam, the America's defense monitor; #618,644,752 Center for Defense Information VHS 3105
Woza Albert! California Newsreel VHS 562
Wrecker's ball: Three dances by Paul Taylor WNET Thirteen VHS 5161
Writers & revolutionaries Pacific century, the; 4 Pacific Basin Institute Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1904
Writing about books Write course, the; lesson 25 Dallas County Community College District Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1055 pt.1
Writing across the curriculum: making it work Robert Morris College PBS
Writing at work Write Course, the; lesson 27 CPB Project Annenberg VHS 1056 pt.1
Writing on the wall: throwing the book at sexual harassment Commonwealth Films VHS 6172
Writing process Write course, the; lesson 3 Dallas County Community College District Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1044 pt.1
Xica Great directors Distrifilmes New Yorker Video VHS 5279
Yalta: Peace, power and betrayal Oregon Public Broadcasting PBS Home Video VHS 7631
Yang and yin: gender in Chinese cinema Century of cinema Connoisseur Video VHS 7235
Yangtze jiang shang de chang cheng = Great Wall across the Yangtze PBS Video Independent Television Service VHS 7576
Yankee painter International Film Bureau Inc.
Year in the streets, a Cascadia Media Collective VHS 6882
Years 1904-1914, the : the drums begin to roll Europe, the mighty continent Suddeutscher Rundfunk and Time-Life Films Ambrose Video Publishing
Yehuda Amichai Lannan literary series; 10 Lewis MacAdams Lannan Foundation VHS 3210
Yellow gash, the: Jean-Paul Sartre on Tintoretto Portrait of an artist RM Arts Home Vision
Yellow wallpaper Women Make Movies, Inc. VHS 1155
Yeltsin file, the Second Russian revolution, the; pt. 3 Coronet Film & Video VHS 1663
You can't take it with you Showtime Entertainment Vestron
Young girl in Hitler's Berlin: the story of Marion F. Wolff Video portraits (Holocaust Eyewitness Project) Holocaust Eyewitness Project VHS 1746, DVD 7536
Yugoslav-Macedonia, the next Bosnia? Bedford Productions Limited First Run/Icarus Films VHS 3560
Zahrat el Kindoul = Women from south Lebanon Arab Film Distribution
Zero budget Polari Frameline VHS 4784
Zero hour War and peace in the nuclear age; pt.10 Intellimation VHS 673
Zombie and the ghost train First Run Features Morianna Films Oy VHS 7258
Zoo la nuit, un = Night zoo Les Productions OZ Inc. New World Video
Zoot suit riots, the American Experience WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Home Video VHS 6987
Zuckerbaby = Sugarbaby Karl Lorimer Home Video VHS 278
Zweite Heimat: chronik einer jugend in 13 Filmen = Leaving home: chronicle of a generation in 13 films Facets Video VHS 6667
[Five 1940s VD films] Public Health Service VHS 3499