Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Workers' state, 1970-1980 Struggles for Poland, the; pt.9 DNA "Poland" PBS Video VHS 525
Working Heart of the dragon; pt. 8 ASH Films Bender Library Non-Print Media Dept. VHS 5988
Workout Learning Corporation of America MTI Teleprograms Inc. VHS 294
Workplace, the America by design; pt. 2 Guggenheim Productions PBS Video
World at your fingertips, the Machine that changed the world, the WGBH and BBC Films for the Humanities and Sciences
World banking Profiles in progress, Pt. 2 ICS, Inc.
World in a box, the: geographic information systems Opticus Corp. VHS 7909
World is a dangerous place, the : images of the enemy on children’s television Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
World reborn Renaissance, the origins of the modern world; pt 6 Quest Productions Barr Media Group VHS 2986
World War III: the population explosion and the planet Oregon Public Broadcasting The Video Project VHS 3628
World's most wanted man Channel Four TV PBS Video VHS 5608
Worlds found and lost Columbus and the age of discovery; pt. 4 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 1434
Worth the price? Bruderhof Foundation, Inc. Plough Publishing House VHS 5335
Wounds of war: Vietnam, the America's defense monitor; #618,644,752 Center for Defense Information VHS 3105
Woza Albert! California Newsreel VHS 562
Wrecker's ball: Three dances by Paul Taylor WNET Thirteen VHS 5161
Writers & revolutionaries Pacific century, the; 4 Pacific Basin Institute Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1904
Writing about books Write course, the; lesson 25 Dallas County Community College District Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1055 pt.1
Writing across the curriculum: making it work Robert Morris College PBS
Writing at work Write Course, the; lesson 27 CPB Project Annenberg VHS 1056 pt.1
Writing on the wall: throwing the book at sexual harassment Commonwealth Films VHS 6172
Writing process Write course, the; lesson 3 Dallas County Community College District Annenberg/CPB Project VHS 1044 pt.1
Xica da Silva AKA Xica Great directors Distrifilmes New Yorker Video VHS 5279
Xica da Silva AKA Xica Great directors Distrifilmes New Yorker Video VHS 5279
Yalta: Peace, power and betrayal Oregon Public Broadcasting PBS Home Video VHS 7631
Yang and yin: gender in Chinese cinema Century of cinema Connoisseur Video VHS 7235
Yangtze jiang shang de chang cheng = Great Wall across the Yangtze PBS Video Independent Television Service VHS 7576
Yankee painter International Film Bureau Inc.
Year in the streets, a Cascadia Media Collective VHS 6882
Years 1904-1914, the : the drums begin to roll Europe, the mighty continent, pt.4 Suddeutscher Rundfunk and Time-Life Films Ambrose Video Publishing
Yehuda Amichai Lannan literary series; 10 Lewis MacAdams Lannan Foundation VHS 3210
Yellow gash, the: Jean-Paul Sartre on Tintoretto Portrait of an artist RM Arts Home Vision
Yellow wallpaper Women Make Movies, Inc. VHS 1155
Yeltsin file, the Second Russian revolution, the; pt. 3 Coronet Film & Video VHS 1663
You can't take it with you Showtime Entertainment Vestron
Young girl in Hitler's Berlin: the story of Marion F. Wolff Video portraits (Holocaust Eyewitness Project) Holocaust Eyewitness Project VHS 1746, DVD 7536
Yugoslav-Macedonia, the next Bosnia? Bedford Productions Limited First Run/Icarus Films VHS 3560
Zahrat el Kindoul = Women from south Lebanon Arab Film Distribution
Zero budget Polari Frameline VHS 4784
Zero hour War and peace in the nuclear age; pt.10 Intellimation VHS 673
Zombie and the ghost train First Run Features Morianna Films Oy VHS 7258
Zoo la nuit, un = Night zoo Les Productions OZ Inc. New World Video
Zoot suit riots, the American Experience WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Home Video VHS 6987
Zuckerbaby = Sugarbaby Karl Lorimer Home Video VHS 278
Zweite Heimat: chronik einer jugend in 13 Filmen = Leaving home: chronicle of a generation in 13 films Facets Video VHS 6667
[Five 1940s VD films] Public Health Service VHS 3499