Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Wild women don't have the blues Calliope Film Resources, Inc. California Newsreel VHS 741
Wilderness and the West American visions; pt.3 Thirteen/WNET PBS Video VHS 4573
Will Rogers - look back in laughter Northfield Films Media Home Entertainment VHS 1427
Will there always be an England? Ofra Bikel PBS Video VHS 373
Will to live: Abe Malnick Video portraits (Holocaust Eyewitness Project) Holocaust Eyewitness Project VHS 1748, DVD 7538
Will to provoke: featuring Survival Research Laboratories, Europe 1988 Survival Research Laboratories Complete Video Facilities VHS 4392
William Shakespeare Writing wonders series Media Consultants, Inc. VHS 4187
William Wordsworth and the age of English romanticism Vebo Productions Ameritech VHS 843
Winner's circle Tier One Communications Corp Thompson-Mitchell+Associates VHS 3279
Winners and losers Red empire, v. 2 Vestron Video VHS 1882
Winners and losers Made in America?, v. 3 WGBH Science Unit Films for the Humanities
Winning team: how to achieve total team effectiveness Talico, Inc.
Winslow Homer: the nature of the artist York Productions, Inc National Gallery of Art VHS 3567
Winsor McCay compilation, the Facets Multimedia VHS 3885
Wishing for seven sons and one daughter Azerbaijan Gender montage Open Society Institute VHS 7532
Witches and mice Magic library, no. 3 GPN VHS 2593
With babies and banners: story of the Women's Emergency Brigade New Day Films
With fingers of love University of Alabama Center for Public TV Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 5105
With nerve and muscle Breakthrough, the changing face of science in America; pt.3 WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 3943
Without fear or shame I'll make me a world WNET PBS Video
Without pity: a film about abilities Home Box Office Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Witness to apartheid S. African Media Center California Newsreel VHS 4162
Wolga, Wolga = Volga, Volga Mosfilm Polart VHS 3960
Wolves at our door Discovery channel school Dutcher Film Production Discovery Communications VHS 4729
Woman of substance (2) Video/Action Fund VHS 7377
Woman of substance (1) Video/Action Fund VHS 7376
Women : footprints in the sands of time Sri Lanka Federation of University Women Glenhurst Publications, Inc
Women and public policy: the actors and the issues Regents of the University of California
Women seen on television
Women warriors America's defense monitor; #624, 640 Center for Defense Information VHS 4227
Women, the new poor Women Make Movies
Wonder of Israel SparkMedia
Words and meaning Write Course, the; lesson 19 CPB Project Annenberg VHS 1052 pt.1
Work and family Century of women, a; pt.1 TBS Productions Turner Home Entertainment VHS 7896
Work of the heart EBE biology program Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation The Corporation VHS 746
Work of the kidneys Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation VHS 5310
Workers' state, 1970-1980 Struggles for Poland, the; pt.9 DNA "Poland" PBS Video VHS 525
Working Heart of the dragon no. 8 Antelope-Sino-Hawkshead Films VHS 5988
Workout Learning Corporation of America MTI Teleprograms Inc. VHS 294
Workplace, the America by design; pt. 2 Guggenheim Productions PBS Video
World at your fingertips, the Machine that changed the world, the WGBH and BBC Films for the Humanities and Sciences
World banking Profiles in progress, Pt. 2 ICS, Inc.
World in a box, the: geographic information systems Opticus Corp. VHS 7909
World is a dangerous place, the : images of the enemy on children’s television Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
World reborn Renaissance, the origins of the modern world; pt 6 Quest Productions Barr Media Group VHS 2986
World War III: the population explosion and the planet Oregon Public Broadcasting The Video Project VHS 3628
World's most wanted man Channel Four TV PBS Video VHS 5608
Worlds found and lost Columbus and the age of discovery; pt. 4 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 1434
Worth the price? Bruderhof Foundation, Inc. Plough Publishing House VHS 5335
Wounds of war: Vietnam, the America's defense monitor; #618,644,752 Center for Defense Information VHS 3105