Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
B.F. Skinner, PhD American Psychological Association VHS 1836
Baba the father Acar Film Stuldyosundar VHS 2144
Baby business National Film Board of Canada
Baby talk Vestron Video
Back to Chernobyl Nova Image Entertainment VHS 1417
Bagpipe Tales from the blue crystal; 6 TVOntario GPN VHS 2586
Bakenbardi = Sidewhiskers Lenfilm Productions Facets Video VHS 4702
Baker's wife, the = La femme du boulanger Interama Video Classics VHS 6031
Balance of nuclear terror, the Columbia University in association with WNET Columbia University VHS 338
Ballerinas Polivideo-TVE Kultur VHS 506
Baltic style: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and swords and plowshares: World War II, the Portrait of the Soviet Union; volume 3 Antelope Films Turner Broadcasting System VHS 421
Baltic tragedy, the International Historic Films, Inc. VHS 462
Baltimore Sun: 150 years Great Plains National Instructional Television Library
Bandera = Flag Societe Nouvelle de Cinematographie VHS 7091
Bank failures and bailouts Money in America: the business of banking; pt.6 ICQED, Inc. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. VHS 1107
Banking after deregulation Money in America: The business of banking KQED Ambrose Video Publishing
Bankrupt WGBH Boston LCA Video/Films VHS 1201
Banks and crime Money in America: The business of banking KQED Ambrose Video Publishing
Barbara Nessim: anatomy of an artists idea Computer art; pt. 2 Visual Studies VHS 2922
Barefoot in Athens Showcase Theater Compass Productions, Inc. ; Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions Films for the Humanities
Barney McCabe American storytelling series; v.5 H.W. Wilson Co. VHS 362 pt.1
Barry Lopez Lannan literary series; 30 The Lannan Foundation The Foundation VHS 3230
Baryshnikov: the dancer and the dance Kultur VHS 480
Baryton = The baritone Contal International VHS 2137
Baseball hero Magic library; no. 7 GPN VHS 2597
Basic preservation techniques for libraries and archives Milton S. Eisenhower Library, The Johns Hopkins University
Basic sterile cell culture Log on Studios Taped Technologies VHS 3901
Basics of colour Colour, an introduction RMI Media Emily Carr College of Art & Design VHS 2851
Battle for glasnost, the Second Russian revolution, the; pt. 2 Coronet Film & Video VHS 1662
Battle for the Falklands Independent Television News MPI Home Video VHS 8030
Battle for the Holy Land PBS Video WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 7139
Battle of the budget in plain English New River Media VHS 3933
Battle over school choice, the Frontline PBS Video VHS 6402
Bauhaus in America Cliofilm VHS 3405
BBC video world BBC Lloyd's of London Press Limited VHS 1415
Be prepared to speak: the step-by-step video guide to public speaking Toastmasters International Kantola-Skeie Productions VHS 1082
Beat generation, the: an American dream WinStar Home Entertainment Fox Lorber Home Video VHS 5395
Beaumarchais l'insolent = Beaumarchais the scoundrel New Yorker Video
Beauty of the fatherland Gender montage/ Estonia: Beauty of the fatherland Gender Policy Institute VHS 7524
Bee Lady of Waldorf VHS 7277
Bee lady of Waldorf, the VHS 7277
Beginning Write course, the; lesson 19 Dallas County Community College District Annenburg/CPB Project VHS 1043
Behaving brain; Responsive brain Discovering psychology; programs 3-4 WGBH Boston Intellimation VHS 1127
Behavior control Hard choices ; 4 KCTS PBS Video VHS 5524
Behavioral economics SQAB invited preeminent tutorials from basics to contemporary paradigms Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5654
Behavioral modification: teaching language to psychotic children Focus International VHS 3712
Behavioral momentum SQAB invited preeminent tutorials from basics to contemporary paradigms Society for the Qualitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5655
Behavioral strategies to lead public relations PRSA video library PRSA/ Modern Talking Picture Service VHS 1971
Behind the mask: the IRA and Sinn Fein Frontline BBC News PBS Video VHS 6336
Behind the scenes with Robert Gil De Montes Behind the scenes; pt. 2 Learning Designs Ambrose Video VHS 1922