Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Dawn of the clone age BBC Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 6180
Day with Renn Zaphiropoulos, Xerox Corporation Xerox Creative Services Harvard Business School VHS 679
Day at school in Moscow, a Harvard Med School VHS 273
Day in the country, a: impressionism and the French landscape Educational Video Network
Day in the House, a; Yeas and nays Congress, we the people; pt 13+14 AU Library non-print Media Dept. VHS 2700
Day in the life of an African woman farmer, a Advocates for African Food Security
Day in the life of Mrs. Wishy-Washy Curriculum Materials Center Wright Group VHS 2846
Day with Fred Henderson, Xerox Corp. Xerox Creative Services Harvard Business School
Days of rage: the young Palestinians Pacific Prods. Pacific Prods.
De aca, de este lado = From here, from this side Women Make Movies
De-engineering the organization Leading with an edge; 2 CRM Films CRM Films
Deadly currents Telefilm Canada New Yorker Films Video VHS 4259
Deadly deception WGBH Educational Foundation Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 2040
Deadly decisions: the right to protect yourself WSMV-TV Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Dealing with problems: video vignettes to stimulate discussion of difficult classroom situations Center for Institutional Development and Production Services, Syracuse University Syracuse University
Dear Jesse New Yorker Video Bang! Inc. VHS 6195
Death and dying Hard choices ; 5 KCTS PBS Video VHS 5525
Death by midnight Ambrose Video
Death in the hood Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning Grassroot News VHS 7468
Death of a disease Nova WGBH Time-Life Multimedia VHS 5387
Death of a terrorist KCTS/Seattle, WNET/New York, WPBT/Miami, WTVS/Detroit, and WGBH/Boston PBS Video VHS 883
Death of Ales Martinu, the Merry Dragon Productions
Death of Ivan Ilych Begin with goodbye; Show no. 6 Mass Media Ministries VHS 3147
Death row: inside and out Florida crossroads; 1501 Florida Channel VHS 5997
Decade of human rights education Human rights education training video series, the People's Decade of Human Rights Education VHS 4817
Decision making Teachers tackle thinking, 7 GPN VHS 2617
Decline of politics: the superficial democracy Films for the Humanities VHS 3481
Deductive reasoning Teachers tackle thinking, 4 GPN VHS 2614
Defense of Europe WGBH-Boston ; a production of Network Features, Inc. PBS
Defining the job Management basics in action MTI Teleprograms, Inc MTI Film & Video VHS 1944
Definitions of access: where will they lead us? National Post Secondary Education Cooperate VHS 5939
Degenerate art Los Angeles County Museum of Art and David Grubin Productions, Inc. PBS Home Video
Delay reduction SQAB invited preeminent tutorials from basics to contemporary paradigms Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5652
Delicate balance Breakthrough, the changing face of science in America; pt.6 WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 3946
Demanty noci = Diamonds in the night-Sousto der bisson Barrandov Facets Video VHS 446
Demasiado miedo a la vida = Too afraid of life or Plaff= Splat Center for Cuban Studies Cuban Institute of Cinematography VHS 7311
Democracy in a different voice with Lani Guinier Media Education Foundation VHS 3486
Democracy, leadership, and commitment Age of uncertainty, the; pt. 12 BBC Television Service Films Inc. VHS 4202
Democratic Party, 1960-1992 White Star Manifold Productions VHS 7101
Demoiselle sauvage, le = The savage woman Cinémaginaire ; Limbo Film ; National Film Board of Canada. Water Bearer Films VHS 6215
Deng's legacy China, unleashing the dragon; 1 New Eagle International Limited First Run/Icarus Films VHS 5631
Denishawn- the contributions of American dance pioneers Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn Kultur VHS 4148
Denmark 1910-1912: She! What do these old films mean; pt 3 PI Productions Facets Multimedia VHS 3783
Dentelliere = The lacemaker Action Films Home Vision VHS 1347
Depression Mind, the; pt.6 WNET VHS 497
Depression: the shadowed valley Educational Broadcasting Corporation VHS 268
Der Rosenheavalier Salzburg Festival Performance Video Arts International VHS 171
Dernieres finoncailles = The last engagement Cinema d'ici Imavision Cinema Libre VHS 7045
Describing distributions: normal distributions Against all odds: Inside statistics 3-4 Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications Intellimation VHS 712
Description English composition, #3 Annenberg/CPB Annenberg/CPB