Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Critical edge: criticize up and down MTI Film and Video Coronet Film and Video VHS 1644
Crocker Center, Boca Raton, Florida Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute
Cross-cultural understanding Global one Big World Inc. VHS 6400
Crossing, the Columbus and the age of discovery; pt.3 PBS WGBH Boston VHS 1433
Crossover dreams Miramax Films Congress Video VHS 4268
Crossroads; blues in technicolor Rock and roll; vol. 3 WGBH VHS 3723
Crowd, the MGM/VA Home Video Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer VHS 7256
Crude diplomacy; Power to the producers Prize, the; 5-6 Trans Pacific Films Public Media Video VHS 1963
Cry Freetown Insight News Television VHS 6929
Cryopreserving cultured cells Cell culture; no. 4 Taped Technologies VHS 3904
Crystal Night Embassy of Israel VHS 7598
Crystals and shortest networks Five Colleges
Cuban military, the: an economic force America's defense monitor; #1319 Center for Defense Information VHS 8013
Cuban-American relations America's defense monitor; #539 WHMM-TV Center for Defense Information VHS 8005
Cultura Chavin PICS/The Univesity of Iowa Annenberg/CPB
Culture jamming Adbusters Media Foundation VHS 2888
Cutting loose Archipelago Films Richter Productions, Inc. VHS 5353
Cyber secrets Life on the internet; pt. 10 Georgia Public Television PBS Video VHS 3740
Cyber students Life on the internet; pt. 4 Georgia Public Television PBS Video VHS 3734
Cyber war! WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 7431
Cycles of the sky Universe, the infinite frontier RMI Media Productions, Inc.
Cyrano de Bergerac Royal Shakespeare Company Production by RKO Pictures; Channel Four (UK) VHS 266
Czeslaw Milosz Lannan literary series, 6 Lewis MacAdams Lannan Foundation VHS 3206
D-Day American Experience Charles Guggenheim PBS Video VHS 3097
D.C. Dance Theater : October 20-22, 1995 Agastar Prods. Agastar Prods. VHS 1236
D.C.: divided city Koppel report, the Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises ABC Distribution Co. VHS 638
Daens Favourite Films Fox Lorber Home Video VHS 6291
Daimyo Giant Step Prods.; National Gallery of Art Home Vision
Daley: the last boss Public Media Video
Damned in the USA Video Dub, Inc. VHS 2172
Dance and human history Movement style and culture University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
Dance workout with Barbie One Heart Productions Buena Vista Home Video VHS 5337
Dancing Thirteen/WNET Home Vision VHS 2291-2298
Dangerous business PBS Video WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 7339
Dangerous liaisons Interama Video Classics VHS 1378
Dangerous states Frontline PBS Video VHS 6737
Dangerous straits Frontline New York Times and Granada Factual USA PBS Video
Daniel Reeves video retrospective vol. 1 Facets Multimedia VHS 684
Dans, grozny dans = Damned and the sacred, the Ideale Audience International VHS 7445
Darcy Gerbarg: artist of the computer revolution Computer art pt. 1 Visual Studies VHS 2921
Das versprechen = The promise Turner Home Entertainment New Home Line Video VHS 7957
Dastforoush = Pedlar, the Art Section of Islamic Propaganda Organization Facets Video VHS 4867
Dateline - 1943, Europe ABC News MTI Film and Video
Dateline - 1985, Moscow ABC News MTI Film and Video
Dateline - 1989, Romania ABC News MTI Film and Video
Dateline-1945 Berlin ABC News MTI Film and Video VHS 1376
Dateline-1948, Berlin ABC News MTI Film and Video VHS 1373
David Mamet Profile of a writer; v.6 London Weekend Television Home Vision VHS 388
Dawn War and peace in the nuclear age; pt.1 Intellimation VHS 664
Dawn of the clone age BBC Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 6180