Titles from American University

Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
China And Its Sphere Power of place: world regional geography; 23-24 ABC-TV Open Learning CPB Project VHS 3773-3774
China in the red PBS Video Ambrica Productions Film VHS 7333
Chinese gold: the Chinese of the Monterey Bay Mountain Gold Productions Chip Taylor Communications VHS 1227
Chipping off the old block Livelyhood; ep. 5 KQED-TV Working Group, Inc. VHS 6435
Choice SQAB invited preeminent tutorials from basic to contemporary paradigms Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5651
Choice 2000 PBS Video WGBH Educational Group VHS 6601
Choix d'un people, le = Choice of a people, the Les films de la Rive ; Cinema Libre Bellvue Pathe
Choreography of the hands: the work of Dorothy Taubman Amherst College JTJ Films VHS 971
Chova Albertstein in song Ergo Media, Inc. VHS 6392
Churchill Lucy Carter and Stewart Binns PBS Home Video VHS 7635
CIA: America's front line Discovery Channel Video False Flag VHS 6189
Cigarettes: who profits? who dies? Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 3726
Cinema Europe: the other Hollywood BBC DLT Entertainment VHS 5129
Cinéma vérité: defining the moment National Films Board of Canada VHS 6424
Circe Latin American Video Archives VHS 7879
Citizen Bishara First Run/Icarus Films Canal Horizons VHS 7275
Citizens band Paramount Pictures VHS 7286
City of hope Esperanza, Inc. RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video VHS 5087
City of promise America’s war on poverty PBS PBS Video
City of the future Understanding cities Urban Productions Films, Inc. VHS 796
Civic journalism: it's (more than) just good journalism The Tides Foundation The Pew Center VHS 4024
Clarinet concerto Concerto!; v.5 Thames Television International BMG Music VHS 4111 v.5
Clash of cultures; I will fight no more, forever. How the West was lost; v. 1 Discovery Enterprises Group VHS 2191
Class warriors Red empire, v. 3 Vestron Video VHS 1883
Classical comedy: Aristophanes women in power History of drama Films for the Humanities
Classical life drawing Diagram and natural contour drawing Universal Color Slide Co.
Classics of political television advertising Meyer Communications VHS 225
Classroom climate Teachers tackle thinking; 2 GPN VHS 2612
Classroom climate workshops: gender equity Purdue University A Joint Venture of the Purdue University Schools of Engineering, Science, and Liberal Arts. VHS 7912
Classroom conversation with a Zoroastrian priest Colorado State University Office of Instructional Studies VHS 4567
Classroom design with technology in mind The Institute
Classroom research: empowering teachers College of Marin Univ of Cal Extension Media Center
Classroom review Jazz: classroom review PBS Video VHS 7665
Claude Chabrol, ou, l'entomologiste = Claude Chabrol, or, the entomologist Cinema de notre temps Society for French American Cultural Services & Educational Aid VHS 4933
Clean air, clean water CBS News Ambrose Video Productions VHS 2770
Clearcut Academy Entertainment Northern Arts Entertainment, Inc. VHS 6552
Clone of frogs, a Dr. Derek Bromhall Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation VHS 423
Closer walk, a Worldwide Documentaries, Inc. Direct Cinema Ltd. VHS 7535
Club de femmes = Girl's club SELF Societe Movies Unlimited VHS 6013
CNN effect, the: TV and foreign policy America's defense monitor; #834 WHMM-TV Center for Defense Information VHS 4327
Coal-solution or pollution? McGraw-Hill Films CRM VHS 4962
Coca mama Kusi Films Latin American Video Archives VHS 7880
Cocolos y rockeros = For rock or salsa? Pandora Films DuArt Film and Video VHS 3832
Cognitive development Psychology, the study of human behavior Coastline Community College; Dallas County Community College District Insight Media
Cold case files: cold case #1, murder illustrated; cold case #2, blood relations Investigative reports A&E Home Video Kurtis Productions VHS 7313
Cold water Boston College Intercultural Press
Collaborations Video journal; 1 The Festival VHS 6934
Collapse Great war and the shaping of the 20th century, the; v.6 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video VHS 4796
Collapse Great war and the shaping of the 20th century, the; v.6 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video VHS 4796
Colonel comes to Japan Enterprise Learning Corp. of America VHS 187