Titles from American University

Titlesort ascending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Afghanistan unveiled: Regards D'Afghanes Aina Women Make Movies VHS 248
Afghan massacre: the convoy of death Atlantic Celtic Films VHS 7623
Affordable housing: : restoring the dream : an introduction to cost savings in land development Moderate Income Task Force Videoline Inc. VHS 595
Affirmative action versus reverse discrimination Constitution, that delicate balance; 12 Columbia University Seminars on Media and society Annenburg/CPB Project VHS 1195
Affaire Blum = The Blum affair Deutsche Film AG Progress Film Co. VHS 4510
Advertising tactics Business basics Teacher's Video Company VHS 6999
Adventures of Superman Bridgestone Productions VHS 3836
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: Whistler's moose Ward Productions, Inc Buena Vista Home Video VHS 5097
Advanced voice workout for the actor Theatre Arts Video Library The Library VHS 2562
Adult children of alcoholics: masks of denial Telford-Clark Productions Barr Films
Adrienne Rich Lannan literary series; 29 The Lannan Foundation The Foundation VHS 3229
Addiction Mind, the; pt.5 WNET VHS 495
Adam Smith: focus on Japan WNET The American University Library Media Services Dept. VHS 2878
Acquiring the human language: playing the language game Human language series, the; pt. 2 Equinox Films, Inc. South Carolina ETV VHS 2962 pt. 2
Acquiring the human language: playing the language game Human language series, the; pt. 2 Equinox Films, Inc. South Carolina ETV VHS 2962 pt. 2
Achieving breakthrough service in libraries: a nationwide teleseminar American Library Association VHS 2917
Accidents of creation Secret of life, the; 2 Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 2512
Academy Award winners: animated short films Videoline Inc. VHS 167
Abraham Lincoln: a new birth of freedom American Experience Quest Productions, Inc. PBS Video
Abortion: for survival The Fund for the Feminist Majority Fund for the Feminist Majority
Abortion pill Cine Qva Non VHS 4322
Abortion and the law Turning points in the debate on abortion and birth control Films for the Humanities & Sciences CBS News VHS 7356
Aboriginal dance: the spirit of the peoples; Aspects of aboriginal dance Curriculum Materials Center Queensland Dept. of Education VHS 7683
A. Einstein: how I see the world Pacific Arts Video Publishing
A. Beasley interview Georgetown University Law Center VHS 3442
90 days National Film Board of Canada Key Video VHS 6071
9.11 moments Independent Television Service VHS 7858
72 hours to victory MPI Home Video VHS 2042
34 years after Hitler CBS News Carousel Films VHS 269
3-2-1 classroom contact Children's Television Workshop GPN VHS 5859
20th anniversary of the national storytelling festival: a commemorative documentary David Coggeshall Productions Hometown Endowment VHS 5342
1992-1996 political campaign commercials VHS 5389
1968: America is hard to see MPI Home Video VHS 3144
1917, revolution in Russia National Geographic Society VHS 5862
119 bullets + three Icarus Films
-- and access for all: ADA and your library Library Video Network ALA Video VHS 2822
'Grootboom' community, November 2000, The Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College VHS 7885
"Shalom" in action: on and off stage with The "Shalom" Tel-Aviv Dance Company Ergo Media I.B.A. VHS 6395
"Out" takes Audio Graphic Films & Video VHS 6162