Titles from American University

Titlesort ascending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Waves JARE data reports BBC TV Coronet Film & Video VHS 2886
Wave from the Atlantic American visions; pt.5 Thirteen/WNET PBS Video VHS 4575
Water engine, the: an American fable by David Mamet Screenworks Turner Home Entertainment VHS 7915
Watching tv watching us Media literacy Mixed Media Project GPN VHS 4721
Waste not, want not Race to save the planet Intellimation Annenberg/CPB Collection
Washington, D.C.: an inspiring tour holiday video library, the Finley-Holiday Film Corporation VHS 313
Washington's other scandal WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Home Video VHS 5605
Washington Semester program since 1947 The University VHS 4089
Washington colorists WETA VHS 4935
Wartime moments; Listen to Britain; Target for tonight; A diary for Timothy British documentary movement, 5 Kino Video VHS 2635
Wartime homefront: London can take it; Fires were started British documentary movement, 4 Kino Video VHS 2634
Wartime combat; Desert victory; Cameramen at war British documentary movement, 6 Kino Video VHS 2636
Warrior Renaissance, the origins of the modern world; pt 2 Quest Productions Barr Media Group VHS 2982
War: music Greek fire; pt.10 Transatlantic Films production Barr Films
War without winners II Center for Defense Information VHS 251
War without end The great war and the shaping of the 20th century v.8 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video VHS 4798
War without end The great war and the shaping of the 20th century v.8 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video VHS 4798
War within: a portrait of Virginia Woolf TV2/Denmark Flare Productions VHS 4093
War through the eyes of the artists America's defense monitor; #603 Center for Defense Information VHS 8008
War stories ABC News Productions VHS 7278
War stories Gaylene Preston Productions First Run/Icarus Films VHS 6167
War in the Middle East: Desert Storm II? America's defense monitor; #707 WHMM-TV Center for Defense Information VHS 2096
War in Europe WGBH/Frontline Kirk Documentary Group VHS 6342
War for the borderlands, the U.S. Mexican War, 1846-1848 KERA Dallas/Ft. Worth PBS Video VHS 5572
War comes to Pearl Harbor Between the wars; pt. 16 PBS Video VHS 636
War behind closed doors PBS Video Kirk Documentary Group VHS 7337
Wanted, a million teachers Learning in America WETA & MacNeil Lehrer Productions. PBS
Wall Street: money, greed, power Films, Inc. NBC News VHS 290
Wall Street fix, the Frontline Hedrick Smith Productions in association with South Carolina Educational TV PBS VHS 247
Waiting for Godot Smithsonian Institution Press Video Division Smithsonian Institution Press Video Division PN1997 .W27 V-2062
Wage slaves: not getting by in America Investigative reports A & E Network New Video Group
Waga seishun ni kui nashi = No regrets in my youth East Asian film collection Facets Multimedia VHS 4313
Waco, the big lie continues American Justice Federation VHS 3430 pt.2
Waco, the big lie American Justice Federation VHS 3430 pt.1
W.S. Merwin Lannan literary series; 3 Lewis MacAdams Lannan Foundation VHS 3203
W.E.B. DuBois of Great Barrington WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 2776
W zawieszeniu = suspended Zespoly Filmowe Contal International, Inc. VHS 2387
W starym dworkv = In an old manor house Contal International
Vsichni dobri rodaci = All good countrymen Ceskoslovensky Fikmexport Facets Video VHS 4696
Votes for women?: the 1913 U.S. Senate testimony Jocelyn Riley Her Own Words R Productions
Voter mail C-SPAN Purdue University Public Affairs Video Archives VHS 648
Volcanoes: exploring the restless Earth Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation Instructional Video VHS 465
Volcanoes of the Kenya rift Plate tectonics JLM Visuals Coronet Film & Video VHS 3408
Voina okonchena, bor'ba prodolzhaetsiï¸ a︡ = Vietnam, the hot red war Inside the Soviet Union Central Documentary Film Studios, Moscow MPI Home Video VHS 3089
Voices in a campus community Educational Communications Center in cooperation with the Equity Committee, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the NYS/UUP Affirmative Action Committee. Educational Communications Center, State University of New York at Binghamton
Voices & visions South Carolina ETV New York Center for Visual History VHS 348
Voice from Russia: the world of Vysotsky Panavideo VHS 6907
Vladimir Horowitz, the lost romantic Cami Video, Inc. MGM/UA Home Video VHS 581
Viva Timor loro sae: the untold story of the struggle for East Timor's independence University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
Visions of war and peace War and peace in the nuclear age; pt.13 Intellimation VHS 676