Titles from American University

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Visions of heaven and hell: information technology and the future Barraclough Carey Production Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 5969
Shinseki Evangerion. Genesis 0:1 = Neon Genesis Evangelion. Genesis 0:1 GAINAX A.D.V Films VHS 5008
Demoiselle sauvage, le = The savage woman Cinémaginaire ; Limbo Film ; National Film Board of Canada. Water Bearer Films VHS 6215
Real Malcolm X, the: an intimate portrait of the man Columbia House VHS 1956
Will to provoke: featuring Survival Research Laboratories, Europe 1988 Survival Research Laboratories Complete Video Facilities VHS 4392
Doing business in Japan: negotiating a contract Vision Associates Vision Associates
Safe speech, free speech and the university Columbia Univesity Seminars on Media and Society in association with the Associated Students of Stanford University and WNET/New York and KQED/San Francisco. Columbia University Seminars
City of hope Esperanza, Inc. RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video VHS 5087
Five wheels to successful sight-singing Augsburg Fortress VHS 5835
Jackson Pollock: love and death on Long Island Home Vision BBC VHS 6484
Right to justice Witness VHS 7557
Who's missing from the classroom?: the need for minority teachers Clearing House on Teacher Education VHS 3360
Day with Renn Zaphiropoulos, Xerox Corporation Xerox Creative Services Harvard Business School VHS 679
Interviewing for a job Video Resources. Management Communication Video VHS 365
Metropolitan Avenue New Day Films VHS 1339
L.A. behind bars NGT A & E Home Video VHS 3958
You can't take it with you Showtime Entertainment Vestron
Bure Baruta: Baril de poudre = Cabaret Balkan Paramount Pictures VHS 7929
Cancer: a genetic disease BBC for Open University Coronet Film and Video
Of snakes and software: India at the crossroads of change ICS production PBS
Monuments to failure: America's prison crisis KNME-TV Albuquerque PBS Video
Kingdom of cocaine CNN CNN
Aranyer din ratri = Days and nights in the forest Priya Films New York Film Annex VHS 5237
Web accessibility: access for all California State University, Fresno VHS 7806
In the spirit of Manjushri: the wisdom teachings of Buddhism Mystic Fire Video Tibet House NY VHS 6118
Breaking the bank Independent Media Centers Deep Dish Television VHS 7319
In the game Hain & Chan Smith Productions VHS 4165
Dawn of the clone age BBC Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 6180
Sur les traces du renard pâle : recherches en pays Dogon, 1931-1983 Royal Anthropological Institute VHS 3177
In search of the first language BBC Television Service WGBH VHS 3090
Vladimir Horowitz, the lost romantic Cami Video, Inc. MGM/UA Home Video VHS 581
Computer visions Digital Vision Entertainment MPI Home Video VHS 4098
Inside the poison trade Central Independent Television; Belbo Film MTI Film and Video
Baker's wife, the = La femme du boulanger Interama Video Classics VHS 6031
Food Lion vs. Prime Time Live: Jury finds ABC guilty of fraud Sitrick and Co. VHS 5616
Sexual harassment in the academic workplace Capstone Communications VHS 2848
Frontline World: stories from a small planet, January 16, 2003 PBS Video WGBH Boston VHS 7383
Portrait of a war criminal ABC News VHS 4115
Southern justice: the murder of Medgar Evers Time-Life Video Ambrose Video Publishing Ltd. VHS 3446
Soviet army International Historic Films VHS 464
Romantic evening with Ray Charles at the McCallum Theater, a A* Vision Entertainment
Shattered dreams of peace: the road from Oslo PBS Video WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 7141
This is not your life First Run Icarus Films
South of the border Cinema Guild VHS 3702
Killing floor American Playhouse Kino on Video VHS 4269
Rollover: the hidden history of the SUV WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6970
Aftereffects: the pain of date rape State Univ of NY, Office of Educ. Communications and Law Enforcement Div.
Choix d'un people, le = Choice of a people, the Les films de la Rive ; Cinema Libre Bellvue Pathe
Etre Francais aux Etats-Unis = Being French in the United States Videocraft Productions, Inc. VHS 5383
Experimental avant garde series, vol. 18 New York Film Annex VHS 5476