Titles from American University

Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Chicano Park Redbird Films VHS 2113
Getting cooperation- team building that works JFK Communications Communication Briefings VHS 3749
Busted: America's war on marijuana Elena Mannes Productions, Inc. PBS Video VHS 5188
Fearless fund-raising helping the board rise to the challenge National Center for Nonprofit Boards VHS 6665
Citizen Bishara First Run/Icarus Films Canal Horizons VHS 7275
Bugs and Daffy: the wartime cartoons MGM/UA Home Video VHS 3438
Future of Medicare National Economics Club Educational Foundation VHS 4607
Reinventing government - by the people Nation Performance Review U.S. Government Printing Office VHS 3029
Our forgotten war Christian Science Monitor Reports PBS Video
Clone of frogs, a Dr. Derek Bromhall Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation VHS 423
Supreme Court's holy battles WHYY VHS 615
Skrivanci na niti = Larks on a string Filmove? Fox Lorber Video VHS 4515
Achieving breakthrough service in libraries: a nationwide teleseminar American Library Association VHS 2917
Emergency conference on school shootings Gavin de Becker, Inc. VHS 6370
National nutrition quiz KERA PBS Video VHS 1849
Shakespeare wallah Merchant Ivory Productions Embassy Home Entertainment VHS 6574
Supreme uneasiness: incessant portrait of Fernando Vallejo Columbia VHS 7882
Frankenstein Edison Company Movies Unlimited VHS 4780
Plague war Paladin Pictures PBS Video VHS 5697
Baby talk Vestron Video
Democratic Party, 1960-1992 White Star Manifold Productions VHS 7101
American University historical film VHS 7489
Architecture: from earth to sky Insight Media
We bring a quilt The NAMES Project VHS 4021
Inside life outside New Day Films VHS 1660
Global education, a: Washington D.C. American University VHS 6398
La grande bouffe = blow out Water Bearer Films VHS 4052
Iacocca: an American profile Tom Spain NBC News VHS 224
Mao's little red video MPI Home Video MPI Home Video
Handling hordes: teaching large lectures Purdue University Continuing Education : CIS Media Productions Purdue University Continuing Education
While America watched: the Bosnia tragedy MPI Home Video VHS 3595
Geoffrey Chaucer and Middle English literature Films for the Humanities Films for the Humanities
See you in court CBS Inc. Ambrose Video Publishing Inc.
Karol Lir = King Lear Lenfilm Studios Facets Multimedia VHS 451
Bakenbardi = Sidewhiskers Lenfilm Productions Facets Video VHS 4702
Intercultural awareness Edward Stewart VHS 4410
Puja: expressions of Hindu devotion Smithsonian Institution VHS 5666
Josephine's imagination: a tale of Haiti Great Plains National and Social Studies School Service VHS 2566
Case for innocence, the WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6338
Uranus HBO Renn Productions VHS 7050
Trillion dollar bet WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 7942
Aliens, the: being a foreign student Dartmouth College Intercultural Press VHS 7621
Methodology: the psychologist and the experiment CRM Films
Visas and virtue Visual Communications Cedar Grove Productions VHS 6147
Votes for women?: the 1913 U.S. Senate testimony Jocelyn Riley Her Own Words R Productions
American social behavior: sources of cross-cultural misunderstanding NAK Production Associates Meridian House International VHS 3434
Appointment with the astrologer, an: personal consultants in the Hindu society BBC-TV Educational Communications, Inc. VHS 799
When will our turn come? : the urban poor of Oaxaca University of Northern Colorado Educational Materials Service University of Northern Colorado Educational Materials Service
Serial for breakfast University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
World War III: the population explosion and the planet Oregon Public Broadcasting The Video Project VHS 3628