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Title Seriessort descending Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
She said, he said WETA Washington PBS Video VHS 2802
Gunning for Saddam WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 6977
Conducting a performance appraisal MTI Teleprograms MTI Teleprograms
Sweating for a t-shirt Global Exchange VHS 5865
Coal-solution or pollution? McGraw-Hill Films CRM VHS 4962
Book of shadows Janis Mattox VHS 2820
Sammy and Rosie get laid Lorimer Home Video VHS 1331
Teaching students with disabilities Center for Teaching Excellence Digital Professor Productions VHS 7419
Blue studio five segments WNET-TV Cunningham Dance Foundation VHS 5974
Glas = Glass Coronet Film & Video Phoenix Film and Video VHS 6428
Bonheur d'occasion = Tin flute Rose Films Ima Vision VHS 7850
What Is the limit? National Audubon Society The Society VHS 441
Perfect baby ABC News MPI Home Video VHS 965
Thomas Sankara Channel Four ArtMattan Productions VHS 6406
Mingus-Charlie Mingus, 1968 Rhapsody Films VHS 4464
Folk art found me Wisdom Teeth Productions National Film Board of Canada VHS 4081
Hang up your brightest colours: the life and death Of Michael Collins ITC Entertainment Group Irish Visions USA VHS 5531
Mathematics of architecture: building by numbers The Open University Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 5307
Campus sense Longwood Security Services VHS 5937
Justice for Janitors: victory! S.U.N. Deep Dish TV VHS 7128
Panique = Panic Film sonor Video-sig VHS 3874
Peace by peace: women on the frontlines Peace X Peace VHS 7639
Classroom conversation with a Zoroastrian priest Colorado State University Office of Instructional Studies VHS 4567
KGB, the computer and me WGBH Educational Foundation Coronet Film & Video VHS 1474
Times ain't like they used to be: early rural and popular American music, 1928-1935 Yazoo Video VHS 6376
Jose Limon and company Creative Arts Television Archive VHS 7494
Award-winning American animation, 1980-1985 Picture Start VHS 281
When women unite: the story of an uprising Drishti-C-Dit Media for International Development VHS 4650
Vanishing family, the: crisis in black America Carousel Films VHS 1548
Dita Saxova Facets Video VHS 447
Angst des tormanns biem = The goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick Westdeutsches Rundfunk Pacific Arts Video VHS 2740
Obecna skola = The elementary school Boulevard Films New Yorker Video VHS 4843
Beowulf Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Time for dying Fipco Productions, Inc. Corinth Video VHS 6278
Shall we tell the shareholder Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 4027
He makes me feel like dancin' Edgar J. Scherick Associates Direct Cinema Ltd
Justice in the District of Columbia: tough decisions Richfield Productions
Molecular spectroscopy WARD's
Mr. Miami Beach WGBH PBS Home Video VHS 5197
Ashani sanket = Distant thunder Balaka Movies New York Film Annex VHS 1085
Gay News Network: your source for gay news from the nation's capital ISNA GNN VHS 7989
Islam, faith and nations Educational Video Network VHS 2146
American University orientation 2003 American University VHS 7590
Who profits from drugs? Documentary Consortium PBS Video
Gregorio Grupo Chaski VHS 728
Endgame: ethics and values in America Scott Goldstein Productions and Vulcan Productions. PBS Video VHS 7630
Conversation with Richard Schifter Holocaust Eyewitness Project VHS 1745
What's a parent to do? ABC News MPI Home Video VHS 2160
Peter Jennings reporting: men, sex, and rape ABC News MPI Home Video
Alas de mariposa = butterfly wings Facets Video; Chicago Latino Cinema VHS 1994