ALVT Policy for Video Uploads and Downloads (Acceptable Use Policy)

ALVT has a principal function of serving the needs of libraries and their users by facilitating preservation and replacement of audiovisual works in accordance with opportunities allowed to libraries and archives pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Act. Each Member Library has entered into a membership agreement and is obligated to follow applicable law and the policies and procedures of the National Media Market (NMM). A Member Library, each time it uploads an AV Work, confirms that it has adhered to the following: Copyright Procedures for Uploads Compliance with Section 108(c) requires at least the following:

  • The Member Library qualifies to exercise the benefits of the statute specified in Section 108(a).
  • The AV work is currently in the collections of the library.
  • The library is using the ALVT Services solely in connection with replacing the copy in the collection.
  • The copy in the library’s collection is damaged, deteriorating, lost, or stolen, or the copy in the library is in a format that has become obsolete. 1
  • The library has made a reasonable effort to search for a replacement copy2 and has determined that an unused replacement cannot be obtained at a fair price.3
  • The copy made by the library includes a notice of copyright as it appears on the original work, if there is one, or the copy includes a legend stating that the work may be protected by copyright.
    The copy in the Member Library’s collection may have copy controls or other technological protection measures that purport to limit the ability of the library to make any copies. Participation in ALVT does not change the library’s obligations with respect to TPMs, and the Member Library is responsible for compliance with TPM requirements or exceptions.
    Metadata Procedures A Member Library uploading an AV Work is required to provide the following metadata, to the extent that it is known to or reasonably available to the library:
    • Title of the work.
    • Publisher and Producer.
    • Publication Date of the original work and of the version in the library’s collection.
    • Format.
    • Local Identifier (in the library’s records).

    Metadata may also include results of web searches and any other relevant information.
    Video File Upload Specifications To comply with ALVT specifications, the upload must include:

    • Video length (examples: 130m, 10m 50s, 1h 20m)
    • Files must be less than 4 GB each.
    • Allowed file types: mov mp4

    Copyright Procedures for Downloads Member Libraries that download a copy of a work from ALVT must also comply with the requirements of Section 108(c), as described above.

    1 According to the statute, “a format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or device necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace.” 2 The concept of reasonable search is not defined in the statute. However, it clearly refers to a search of the market to buy an unused copy to serve as a replacement for the version in the library’s collections. Such search might include consulting with specialized library suppliers and a search of the public offerings on Amazon or other retailers. 3 “Fair price” is not defined in the statute.
    For More Information Please contact This document is comprised within the “NMM Acceptable Use Policy” referenced in the ALVT Membership Agreement. Please understand that NMM cannot provide legal advice. The information provided here is for information and guidance only, and each Member Library should consult with its legal counsel for legal advice.