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Affordable Annual Dues (ALVT Members Receive Video Trust Benefits As Part of Their ALVT Membership)
We’ll soon be offering individual and institutional memberships for librarians, and corporate memberships for film distributors and streaming providers, all with mega-benefits and all at reasonable prices. Read more about the benefits details below.

Institutional Library membership (up to 6 staff members) = $300.00 annually.
Individual memberships for librarians and others = $40.00 annually
Individual memberships that include access to the Virtual Market (Oct. 27-29) = $99.00

Please note: ALVT Institutional members automatically join Video Trust as full, institutional members at no additional charge, for the duration of their ALVT memberships.

Also note: Public libraries with a service population of fewer than 5,000 are eligible for a no-cost membership. Contact Executive Director Jeff Tamblyn to apply.

Our website will host a bunch of familiar public features and a members-only section with exclusive content that includes access to our upcoming slate of webinars and recordings of them, our Virtual Market, and our published content. And please keep reading because we’re just getting started here.

Our Professional Development Committee has cooked up a delicious menu of new programming that’ll knock your socks off and provide you with answers to and vital perspective on pressing issues in the ever-changing world of library media. Go to our Upcoming Webinars page for all the details and registration for members. ALL Members will have complete access to all this rich content. Admission to single webinars will be made available later this year.

Coming soon! At last, an innovative solution to helping librarians and distributors connect over titles and rights in a reliable format. This publicly-accessible feature will allow any registered distributor (even nonmembers) to upload a spreadsheet of their current titles, along with other important data, into our searchable database. Librarians who now sometimes spend hours looking to see who holds streaming, PPR, classroom and other rights to titles, will be able to look first — and fast — in a single location. Our FREE accessibility to domestic and even non-US distributors and filmmakers makes this a no-brainer. Everybody wins.

Look for this launch in early 2021 — more information to follow.

Available by popular demand:

Individual Member plus Market Access: $99.00

Add access to our Virtual Market to all the great individual membership benefits on this page for an additional fee. This is the answer for budget-challenged institutions that want to attend the Market as buyers but for whom the Institutional Membership is out of reach.

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