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Become a Corporate Member now and receive these valuable benefits:

To help support our activities among a clearly-interested community, we’re announcing a membership program with annual dues at levels convenient for individuals, institutions, and film distributors/streaming providers such as yours. For you, benefits will include access to our services, access to targeted advertising and promotion, a suite at our upcoming “Virtual Market,” and a listing on our membership rolls. For all of this, the price of an annual corporate membership is only $300.00. Read on to get the full scope of member benefits.

An ongoing program of “don’t-miss” professional development
Building on our recent successes (registration numbers over 600/session), we’re working with a group of experienced, expert media librarians to build a whole year of professional development that you’ll want to support and be part of. Attendees can purchase access to the entire lineup through individual or institutional membership.

Sponsor a webinar for only $500 and receive:
• high-visibility branding in promotion of our live session
• lasting association with our recording (See our impressive view numbers for each recorded session on the National Media Market YouTube channel.)
• the complete list of registrants including email addresses
• a spot on our list of corporate sponsors
• annual membership is included in this fee (and members can add a sponsorship at any time for $200)

Nearly everyone who’s ever attended it misses The National Media Market, and we plan to bring it back this October, at greatly reduced expense for vendors and attendees, with increased opportunities to meet with customers, and a huge promotional push. Details have been sent in a newsletter to vendors and will be added to in the coming days.

Video Trust will sell space to anyone in our newsletters and on our website, but from here on, we’ll be offering highly preferential pricing and placement to members and sponsors. We’re a proven means of access to buyers and the greater community of libraries and film. Our monthly newsletters reach nearly 8500 recipients, with an open rate that nearly always reaches 20%. With webinar registrations, our click rate runs regularly into triple digits. As with any ad program, results improve with planning and repetition. Your $300 annual corporate membership includes a monthly ad in our newsletter and on our website.

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Video Trust’s mission is ADVOCACY for libraries and film. We believe motion pictures are an integral part of modern literacy for students and adults, the understanding and appreciation of which lead to better decision-making and greater enjoyment of media, art, and life. We’ll be helping increase the knowledge and skills of those who manage, buy and teach with films in schools and libraries of all varieties. As a company that purveys media, you hold a stake in this mission and your support and assistance will pay dividends in the coming months and years. Sponsors will receive favored pricing and placement for all promotional programming. Sponsor a webinar for only $500 or become a major corporate sponsor to receive even more promotional benefits and input into our future programming.

As part of our service to media librarians, we’ll sponsor the creation of a Master Database, into which registered distributors and streaming platforms can upload a spreadsheet with a complete list of their current titles. Searchable by such parameters as title, genre, distributor, country, and subject keywords, this innovative service will reduce search time and frustration for librarians across the US and Canada (and potentially around the world) while increasing direct connection to you. You won’t have to be a member to upload titles, but we’ll soon reveal exciting new promotional features on this database that’ll only be available to member vendors.

We’re not ready to divulge what’s in the works with this project, but we’ve been talking to librarians in all areas of the media-library world for several months about what they want and need most. Some of what we learned goes against accepted knowledge, and as a member, you’ll be positioned to take the best advantage of this exciting, new feature.

Want to know what your customers want and need in the coming weeks and months? Video Trust wants to know as well, and we’ll put in the time and effort to find out and package this information for members at a special discount. Plus, if you’re considering something new and you want to see how it’ll be received, let Video Trust be your trusted partner in gathering much-needed intelligence to guide your development and launch.

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