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Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
South of the border Cinema Guild VHS 3702
Southeast Asia, between the giants Power of place, the: world regional geography; pt. 25-26 ABC-TV Open Learning CPB Project VHS 3775-3776
Southern justice: the murder of Medgar Evers Time-Life Video Ambrose Video Publishing Ltd. VHS 3446
Soviet army International Historic Films VHS 464
Spaceflight PBS
Spanish Armada, the Battles that changed the world, campaigns in history Cromwell Productions Madacy Entertainment Group VHS 5394
Spanish Civil War, the Between the wars; pt. 12 PBS Video VHS 632
Speak easy : [a video mime program for language learning] Speak Easy Video production Jeffrey Norton Publishers
Speaking out: displaced Columbians silent no more Committee for Refugees VHS 6499
Spectrasphere : production kaleidoscope. Prime Lens Prods.
Speeches of famous women, the Speeches collection, the MPI Home Video VHS 3790
Spirit catcher Originals. the: Women in art WNET Films Incorporated VHS 5505
Spirit of Crazy Horse, the Parallax Productions Pacific Arts Video; WGBH; PBS Home Video
Spirit of maize, the Tales from the blue crystal, 4 TVOntario GPN VHS 2584
Spiritual surfers Life on the internet; pt. 12 Georgia Public Television PBS Video VHS 3742
Sports and society Science and sports: performance enhancing drugs Philosophy Lab
Spying on Saddam WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 5786
Stage sisters International Film Circuit Winstar Cinema
Stalemate Great war and the shaping of the 20th century, the; v.2 KCET/BBC PBS Home Video VHS 4792
Stan niewazkosci = The state of weightlessness Logos Film Studio First Run/Icarus Films VHS 4579
Start-up WGBH-TV Simon and Schuster Comm. VHS 474
States International law video course Seton Hall University School of Law WTC Productions VHS 4492
Status of Latina women Heritage KLRN Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 3258
Steel shutter WQED-TV Center for the Studies of the Person VHS 5774
Step by step: a story of black Washington Junette Pinkney WETA VHS 7732
Stephen Foster: America's first great songwriter American Experience WGBH Boston PBS Home Video VHS 6657
Stephen Quiller color concepts Crystal Productions
Still killing us softly Cambridge Documentary Films Cambridge Documentary Films VHS 1447
Stock exchange A&E Home Video New Video Group VHS 7505
Stopping drugs WGBH PBS Video VHS 5124
Story Finnish Broadcasting Company Cunningham Dance Foundation VHS 4553
Story of a battle = Historia de una battalla, recunto de 1961 ano de la educacion Latin American Video Archives ICAIC VHS 6678
Story of G.I. Joe Image Entertainment Video-Cinema Films, Inc VHS 7062
Story of modern southern literature, the Prophets and poets; pt. 2 Agee Films
Story of television Video Images Video Images VHS 3400
Straight agenda, the Fair is Fair Productions VHS 7987
Stranger In The mirror BBC-TV WGBH Educational Foundation VHS 7359
Straw Hill, Manchester, New Hampshire Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute VHS 871
Streamliners: America's lost trains American Experience PBS Home Video WGBH VHS 6658
Streamlines and breadlines American visions; pt.6 Thirteen/WNET PBS Video VHS 4576
Street America by design; pt. 3 Guggenheim Productions PBS Video VHS 1164
Street smarts: how to avoid being a victim Video Publishing House, Inc.
Streetwise Angelika Films ; a Bear Creek production. VHS 205
Strength to face tomorrow Aime Cesaire, a voice for history, 3 California Newsreel VHS 4063
Structuring the topic Write Course, the; lesson 9 CPB Annenberg VHS 1047 pt.1
Struggle for Europe Messengers from Moscow; pt. 1 Thirteen/WNET Pacem Distribution International VHS 3691
Struggle in the fields Chicano!: the history of the Mexican American civil rights movement, 2 KCET NLCC Educational Media VHS 4212
Struggling with modernity Living Islam, 3 BBC-TV Ambrose Video VHS 4283
Student workshops resolving conflicts Curriculum Materials Center Sunburst Communications VHS 3163
Student writing groups demonstrating the process Wordship Productions, Inc. VHS 4426