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Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Scientist practitioner in behavior analysis: a case study SQAB invited preeminent tutorials - from basics to contemporary paradigms Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5656
Scopes trial World Almanac Video Choices, Inc. VHS 7132
Scottsboro Boys, 1931 World Almanac Video Choices, Inc. VHS 7133
Seamus Heaney Lannan literary series; 27 Lannan Foundation VHS 3227
Search for a voice Man and music Grenada Television International Films for the Humanities VHS 5912
Search for Herod’s harbor : solving a 2,000 year old mystery, The Drew/Fairchild Drew/Fairchild
Search for mind, the Mind, the; pt.1 WNET VHS 492
Search for solid ground : the Intifadah through Israeli eyes Kunhardt Productions
Search for the first Americans WGBH collection Films for the Humanities VHS 1957
Search for unity, the : a European idea Europe, the mighty continent Suddeutscher Rundfunk and Time-Life Films Ambrose Video Publishing
Searching eye, the Media Loft Media Loft
Seaside : new town-resort : Walton County, Florida Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute
Season in hell New Day Films VHS 4252
Seasons In the sea Thirteen/WNET National Geographic Society VHS 6620
Second city: inside the world's largest Jail Films for the Humanities & Sciences Hacienda Productions VHS 6462
Secret addictions: women in treatment Collin Siedor MTI Film & Video VHS 1874
Secret addictions: women, drugs and alcohol Northbrook, Ill MTI Film & Video VHS 1873
Secret government, the: the Constitution In crisis: a special report Bill Moyers ; Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and Public Affairs Television, Inc. in association with WNET and WETA. Public Affairs Television VHS 325
Secrets Signboard Hill Productions Hallmark Home Entertainment VHS 4305
Secrets of a master builder PBS Home Video WGBH VHS 6607
Secrets of the CIA Turner Original Productions Warner Home Video VHS 6188
Secrets of the SAT WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6108
See you in court CBS Inc. Ambrose Video Publishing Inc.
Seeing for himself Great photographers; pt.1 Media Loft VHS 822
Selected films : Stan Brakhage Arthouse videotapes; no. 34 Arthouse VHS 6624
Sell and spin: a history of advertising History Channel New Video Group VHS 6302
Sentinels of silence ATLI Publishing VHS 1077
Serial for breakfast University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning
Set and reset, version 1 WGBH and Trisha Brown Company b Video D Studios, Inc. VHS 4250
Setouchi shonen yakyudan = MacArthur's children Pacific Arts Video Orion Pictures VHS 272
Setting up an internet server Pro-series video workshops Film Ideas, Inc. VHS 3460
Settling of Nilos 9 Tales from the blue crystal, 8 TVOntario GPN VHS 2588
Sex : each one of us Greek fire Transatlantic Films production Barr Films
Sex and gender; Maturing and aging Discovering psychology; 17-18 WGBH/Boston Intellimation VHS 1134
Sex and marriage Faces of culture: Revised; pt 11 Coast Telecourses VHS 3121
Sex education films of the 40's Facets Video VHS 3138
Sex, lives and holes in the skies World of Audubon National Audubon Society TBS Productions, Inc. VHS 2185
Sex: unknown Nova NOVA
Sexual harassment in the academic workplace Capstone Communications VHS 2848
Sexual harassment is bad for business J.M. Glasc J.M. Glasc
Sexual objectification Sex and selfhood: New issues for men of conscience Marithey Video Kundschier VHS 7981
Sexuality and social justice Century of women, a; pt.2 TBS Productions Turner Home Entertainment VHS 7897
Sexually transmitted diseases Health Edco
Shadow of hate Curriculum Materials Center Guggenheim Productions, Inc. VHS 4340
Shakedown in Santa Fe WGBH VHS 617
Shakespeare Survey of English poetry Films for the Humanities Thames Television
Shakespeare mystery, the Yorkshire Televisison production in association with WGBH PBS Video
Shakespeare wallah Embossy Home Entertainment Merchant Ivory Productions VHS 6574
Shall we tell the shareholder Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 4027
Shape of the land America by design; pt. 5 Guggenheim Productions, Inc. PBS Video VHS 1166