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Titlesort descending Series Publisher/Producer Distributor Local Identifier
Arsenal, the America, a personal history of the US; 11 Ambrose Video VHS 2001
Art Greek fire Transatlantic Films Barr Films; Mystic Fire
Art and revolution -- Mexico Films for the Humanities VHS 740
Art of asking 1 on 1 Fund Raising Video Systems VHS 3900
Art of computer animation Pacific Arts Video VHS 3886
Art of Kabuki, the Films for the Humanities VHS 553
Art of resolving conflicts in the workplace Kantola Productions VHS 3708
Art of the fantastic: Latin America, 1920-1987 Museum of Modern Art of Latin America Organization of the American States VHS 2008
Art of the wild Baylands Foundation for Global Community VHS 5126
Artist Renaissance, the origins of the modern world; pt 3 Quest Productions Barr Media Group VHS 2983
Arts and children: a success story Marshburn arts education partnership Maryland Alliance for Arts Education, Inc. VHS 5620
Asking different questions: women and science Artemis Films National Film Board of Canada VHS 4615
Assault Cannon Films, Inc. MGM/UA Home Video VHS 5701
Assault on gay America: the life and death of Billy Jack WGBH Educational Foundation PBS Video VHS 6341
Assault on the ozone layer Fragile planet Films for the Humanities and Sciences VHS 1221
Asturia: la gallina ciega Films for the Humanities
At play in the fields of the Lord MCA Home Video VHS 3580
At the brink War and peace in the nuclear age; pt.5 Intellimation VHS 668
At the crossroads: Jews in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe, breaking with the past, no. 7 Global View Productions VHS 1707
At the table: a system for mediator evaluation and training. University of Minnesota Minnesota Extension Service VHS 3396
Atmosphere of change Breakthrough, the changing face of science in America; pt.2 WGBH Boston PBS Video VHS 3942
Attack of the Cohl pumpkins Facets Video VHS 7070
Attendant Godot = Waiting for Godot Beckett directs Beckett Visual Press The American University Media Services Department VHS 7607
Audience and style Write course, the; lesson 5 CPB Project Annenberg VHS 1045 pt.1
Automobile story, the Made in America?; v. 2 WGBH Science Unit Films for the Humanities VHS 2446-2449
Avant garde short subjects from France Facets Video VHS 5475
Aversive events and behavior SQAB invited preeminent tutorials - from basics to contemporary paradigms Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior The Society VHS 5661
Awakening and enlightenment: Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin Yale University
Award-winning American animation, 1980-1985 Picture Start VHS 281
Aymara: a case study In social stratification Faces of culture Ira Abrams Coast Telecourses VHS 3124
B.F. Skinner, PhD American Psychological Association VHS 1836
Baba the father Acar Film Stuldyosundar VHS 2144
Baby business National Film Board of Canada
Baby talk Vestron Video
Back to Chernobyl Nova Image Entertainment VHS 1417
Bagpipe Tales from the blue crystal; 6 TVOntario GPN VHS 2586
Bakenbardi = Sidewhiskers Lenfilm Productions Facets Video VHS 4702
Baker's wife, the = La femme du boulanger Interama Video Classics VHS 6031
Balance of nuclear terror, the Columbia University in association with WNET Columbia University VHS 338
Ballerinas Polivideo-TVE Kultur VHS 506
Baltimore Sun: 150 years Great Plains National Instructional Television Library
Bandera Societe Nouvelle de Cinematographie VHS 7091
Bank failures and bailouts Money in America: the business of banking; pt.6 ICQED, Inc. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. VHS 1107
Banking after deregulation Money in America: The business of banking KQED Ambrose Video Publishing
Bankrupt WGBH Boston LCA Video/Films VHS 1201
Banks and crime Money in America: The business of banking KQED Ambrose Video Publishing
Barbara Nessim: anatomy of an artists idea Computer art; pt. 2 Visual Studies VHS 2922
Barefoot in Athens Showcase Theater Compass Productions, Inc. ; Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions Films for the Humanities
Barney McCabe American storytelling series; v.5 H.W. Wilson Co. VHS 362 pt.1
Barry Lopez Lannan literary series; 30 The Lannan Foundation The Foundation VHS 3230